Business Consulting

At I-POP we analyze your business and create solutions while also helping your company meet their goals. We provide strategy, planning and problem solving, and help clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.

  • Identifying partners and resources
  • Employee validation & authenticity
  • Reducing energy consumption and cost
  • Creating attainable goals
  • Identifying technological systems for advancement

and more...


We provide custom seminars in which  participants work individually and/or in groups to solve actual work related tasks to gain hands-on experience. Here's a list of a few training sessions we provide.

  • Social Media and Me
  • Building Culture in the workplace
  • I need a team ( The Importance of working together)
  • Change! Why it's important to me
  • Understanding the next generation
  • Leadership Development

Social Media Management


We are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for your business's social media sites. This service is specific to each client.

  • Grow a targeted social media community around your brand
  • Increasing your brand loyalty
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Building relationships with social media influences
  • Connect with industry professionals and more...

Life Coaching

We provide a variety of coaching packages to meet the needs of a diverse and changing society.

Life Purpose Package

4 Sessions

The Life Package focuses on your personal needs. We focus on achieving personal satisfaction in every area. All sessions are tailor-made for each client.


Custom Purpose Package

4 Sessions

Our most popular package. Here you're provided the best of both worlds. 2-Sessions focused on your personal needs and 2-Sessions focused on your business needs.  This is for the business person who needs it all.

Business Purpose Package

5 Sessions

Pushing you to reach and exceed your business goals. This package includes a (2) hour think-tank session. After the Think Tank is conducted each subsequent session will focus on a topic/theme from the 2-hour session.

Monthly Purpose Plan

1 session

This option is for people who are "relativity" focused. You stay on the right track for the most part however you need someone to hold you accountable to your own vision. This is your accountability partner. One session  monthly.


All sessions are 60 minutes

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